Volti di Donne

di Fabio Reflex Rizzo

Italian version

A multiple and repeated variation on the theme: the female face.

It has been made according to personal tastes and curiosities and thanks to the kind collaboration and availability of the people portrayed.

Photographs that are meetings. In some cases, the photographs talk about friends and acquaintances, but in most cases the protagonists are unknown.

Few minutes, sometimes few seconds, to try to fix and return that je-ne-sais-quoi contained in the gaze of each one that in each of these is always different.

With a range of nuances including laughter and seriousness, naivety and seductiveness, ease and embarrassment, an instant but significant revelation of oneself, in an image devoid of photoshop alterations and free from marketing stereotypes.

Not an expression of beauty, but beauty of expression. Not preparation, but extemporaneousness.

Not fashion, just life.

– Fabio Reflex Rizzo